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This post begins with a little whining, but it gets better. Just hang in there with me.

I have been feeling particularly BLAH! these past 24 hours. I didn’t even go to church today, and I was feeling kind of bad about that since I decided to remain in town this weekend. Things in my life are just up in the air lately. Everything seems as if it’s on hold. My dream. My job. My money. My LIFE.

For all my posts here about overriding fear and being destined for greatness, I was feeling overwhelmingly crappy. I’d been talking to God, but that was not really what I wanted to do right then. Although I believe He’s here for me and is waiting for me, I just…

These 24 hours had been filled with such doubt that it seemed as if greatness was the gum on the bottom of doubt’s shoe, and was being continually trampled. *deep sigh* I am certain greatness was there. However, my faith had been so low lately that to even fathom it caused all manner of eye-rolling and whatevers.

I mentioned earlier that I didn’t go to church. I didn’t even scroll meaningfully through Facebook until after 11:00 a.m. (That’s unheard of in these parts.), but when I did I was so blessed by the statuses and posts that I found there that I felt like I’d been to the house of God today.

There were so many positive and encouraging words that I felt an uplift. A jolt to my spirit. A little song in my soul. My faith began to rise little by little, and I saw things a little more clearly. Innovative thoughts were once again racing through my head. Even though my situation hadn’t changed one iota, I could envision the journey in a brighter light. In the words of my ancestors, “Trouble don’t last always.” As a matter of fact, I am assured of this.

I am not saying that it is okay to substitute Facebook for church. I am saying that words have power to build up or tear down. I needed building in a way mere words could not explain; however, words were the catalyst for inciting memories of things promised and things yet to be manifested.

It is my prayer that these words will find a person in need, so that he or she will know that alone and crumbled is no place to live (or wallow). Better is only a word away.

Dear Readers,

Keep your heads up. Keep the faith. Hard times will come. Feel them, but move on quickly. By all means don’t stall. Remember, if you continue moving, you will reach your destination.

In Love and Faith,
The Stormmaven