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Very recently I had a conversation with my friend, Eden, who had come home to visit with her mother, Sarah. During the course of our exchange, Eden shared with me an incident which happened at her mother’s house that caused me to think very seriously about how I react (or overreact) at times. So, I’ll share it with you in hope that it will tickle your brain as well.

Now, Sarah, Eden’s mom, forms ridiculously strong, sentimental attachments to her things; and believe me, she has bunches of “things.” So many things-in fact-that there’s barely room for it all. Eden is constantly encouraging her-firmly but lovingly-to discard some of her stuff, but her mom just refuses to get rid of any of it. Well, the other day Sarah inadvertently dropped one of her treasured mugs, broke it, and immediately began to have a conniption. At this point, Eden tilted her head, pursed her lips, and looked in Sarah’s tear-stained face and said, “It’s just a cup, Mama. It ain’t ya breast!”

The statement itself was intended to show how over-the-top her mother’s reaction was when compared with the loss of something that would create a true void. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather take a loss on the mug than the breast. My breasts and I are kind of attached to each other. (pun intended) My girl, Eden, had made a valid point.

But I digress, the instant Eden told me what she’d said, I burst into laughter. Then, it struck a chord deep in my soul. Scenes from my life began to flash before my eyes. Scenes where I’ve overreacted to trivial situations that may have required only simple responses (or none at all) or that required me to simply clean up what I messed up and move on.

I realize that there will be more frivolous occurrences throughout my life; and I’ll risk throwing a cliche’ in this post, but “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” There are so many important people, things, and ideas that deserve our full attention. When we spend time, space, emotion on those circumstances that have little or no value, we cheat those people, things, and ideas of all that we are and all that we are capable of producing.

I believe there is much for each person reading this to accomplish in the course of his or her life. We all have purpose. The question that I pose to each of us is: How much of our valuable energy will we continue to waste on those things that don’t matter when time would be better spent fulfilling our destinies?

I’ll answer this question simply by paying close attention to every situation and will decide how much of me I am willing to invest in it. And if it seems that I am placing too much energy on the trivial and deducting from my destiny, I’ll remind myself that “It ain’t ya breast!”, refocus, and keep kicking!