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You clicked the link to this for one of two reasons. Either you already know what SSDD means, or you are curious to find out. If you happen not to know, SSDD is the acronym for “Same Shit. Different Day.”

The other day I was texting a close friend, and when asked how my day had been, my reply was SSDD. Following our exchange, I asked myself why had this reply become personally acceptable when I began this year with such high expectations for myself. I had imagined being in a very different place than I am now. Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed about the way I’ve allowed things to turn out.

Allow me to interject a little insight here. I do not believe in blaming others for where I have fallen short. Circumstances may have arisen that caused me to make the decisions that have led me away from my goals, but I chose. Period.

Before the how-was-your-day question, I happened to have had a particularly bad day preceded by several awful ones. I had just generally been in a bad mood. Subconsciously, I was giving myself a hard time and was feeling like crap which led to the response SSDD. It was an answer that I had given several times before in my life, but on that day the feeling that followed was restlessness. On that day, I could not just sit down and say to myself, “Girl, you just need to rest. You’ll be alright tomorrow.” Because the reality was that I wouldn’t be alright. I had come to the realization that I would be in the same place doing the same thing that I had been doing and would be even more unhappy than the day before. The cycle had to stop. More like come to a screeching halt. Something had to change, and I knew that it had start with me.

More interjected insight: Change is my M.O. I thrive on it . Change-for me-is like riding on a roller coaster. I’m scared half to death of the ride, but when I get off I’m excited and can’t wait to get on the next one. It is most definitely the thrill that keeps me coming back for more. However, until this point in my life, I’ve not made a habit of seeking out change in my life. It usually finds me, but I was so very disappointed in myself for lack of follow-through that I knew this time I’d better make things happen for me come hell or high water.

So, now more than ever, it is imperative that each day be different than the day before due to something that I’ve done to bring about a positive change in my life. No longer will “Same Shit. Different Day.” be a possible answer to “How was your day?” Starting today, I choose to make each day in some way different than the day before.

I am ready for the ride of my life!

(This post was originated in July 2011 and completed in September 2011.)