Shrek does!!

and I do, too.

While watching Shrek last night, I had a revelation about Shrek and Donkey. As much as Shrek wanted to be left alone, Donkey needed a friend and-in his own Donkey way-realized that Shrek needed one despite his objections. If you don’t know the Shrek movies like I do, Donkey literally forces Shrek to be his friend by refusing to leave Shrek’s side on the quest to get his land back and rescue the princess.

In the first installment of the Shrek series, a friendship is forged that lasts throughout every Shrek movie that follows. Humans, I realized, are kind of like that. You never really know you need true friends until you find one (or in my case two) that you can’t live without and who refuse to leave you (no matter how you may push them away).

True friends are those that know all your crap-secrets, dirt, misbehavior-and still love you anyway. They rejoice, mourn, get pissed off, and pray WITH you. They teach you new things and don’t mind calling you on your sh…. True friends finish your sentences and start new ones for you.

Mine have encouraged me when I didn’t have the wherewithal to encourage myself. They’ve kept me going through college, marriage, separation, divorce, single motherhood, and starting completely over again. I’ve made them angry, and they’ve returned the favor; but anger never overrides a BEST friend. They’ve caused laughter through tears, and tears through laughter.

Like Shrek, I need my friends and cannot imagine life without them. My journey has not been easy and-like Shrek on the journey to rescue the princess-it would have been that much harder without them. Cherish and celebrate your best buds. Who knows how long you’ll have them.

Who needs friends?

I do, and obviously…

so does Shrek!