We were having a pretty tough day when a friend suggested to me that the world would be a better place if all the mean people were relegated to some remote island. This was done in jest, and so I started giggling. Of course, my friend took it a little further. She started flailing her arms and said, “We could put all the child molesters on an island, and just let ’em molest each other!” That one tickled me so much that I bent over laughing.
I cannot pass up a chance to “cut up.” So, when I straightened myself up, I added to it by saying, “Let’s send all the idiots to one by themselves!”
We all have times when we have just “had it” and wish that we had the power to make people vanish from our lives. Well, consider this post your venting place.
What kind of people would you give an island of their own? (This is only for fun.) GO!