I have come to discover that if it seems too good to be true it usually is! Many of us discover (entirely too late) that what or who we thought were perfect for us is exactly the opposite of what was MEANT for us.

I LOVE gadgets, NEW things, and NEW people to play with and figure out! They turn me on in a psychological manner as nothing else can. I am immediately stimulated, and I think to myself “Wow! I wonder if this is really as awesome as it seems?” So, ultimately I begin to play with my new toys, and if it does what it says, then, we’ve really got a party goin’. But just like a child 2 weeks after Christmas, my playthings end up neglected or just cast aside, because it lost its luster and is no longer mentally challenging for me.

Sometimes, though, it takes longer than two weeks which usually means I got caught up. When I get caught up and start enjoying my new toy so much that it consumes my time and much of my excess energy, I begin to feel as if I can’t live without this thing (whatever or whoever it is). I’ve used it to fill some void in me and to throw it away would mean that the hole will again be opened up. Gosh, how I hate those open spaces! What we don’t realize is that we need those holes in our lives just as we have a need for them to be filled. The holes (when we leave them alone and stop trying to put stuff in them) are what allow us to discover who we really are.

I have a deep-seated fear of empty spaces in my mind, heart, and life; but I am learning to take them in stride. Leaving those empty places unfilled has allowed me to begin discovering who I truly am. No, they don’t make me feel good all the time, but I know they won’t remain open forever and will be consumed by whatever is meant for me if I am patient. And in the meantime, those holes leave room just for me and not anything else. I’ve discovered the joy of thinking about me (even for just a few minutes a day).

As a people of free will, we are allowed by a Higher Power to make our own choices. Most often we make them without consulting Him, which generally results in severe head-bumping and self-inflicted trials. Much of this can be avoided by a simple consultation with God and some much needed research.

So, when you run into that thing that seems SO TOTALLY WONDERFUL you just have to make it your own. Start by asking yourself…IS IT REALLY?!

Then, do some research, and MAKE SURE!!!!