I have a tear-off calendar with some pretty thought-provoking quotes. This particular 1 got my attention the other day. 

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”    -Flora Whittemore

Not that I hadn’t heard this one before (or something close to it), but I have come to the conclusion that-no matter how much something is repeated-until you have experienced or had enough of whatever is pertinent to that “something” most often it’s in one ear and out the other.

Well, I’m in a place now that makes Ms. Whittemore’s profound statement a truth for me. Yesterday was a day of new beginnings for me. I officially declared September 1st New Year’s Day. Hey, if the Chinese can have one, so can I! but I digress…I will now utilize my door effectively. Who or what gets in or out is most certainly up to me, but I must be careful that I operate my door with an open mind and conscientious consideration; because I’m making decisions that will literally effect the rest of my life and the lives of those who are in my care.

Most assuredly, this brings an attitude change that some may call bitchy, but is it bitchy to care about yourself enough that you don’t allow others to throw crap in your door and leave it to be cleaned up “by you” (You’re the 1 inside!) or to rot because you refuse to clean up someone else’s crap?

Let’s think literally for a minute. Would you allow any person to bring his/her filled trash bags in your home for you to keep or dispose? How much sense does that make when they’ve passed “umpteen” dumpsters on the way to your place? Why didn’t he/she get rid of the garbage him/herself (and just not make so much in the 1st place)? but mine is not to ask why.

I profess that from yesterday forward if I must be referred to as “bitch,” then, so be it. The fact remains that the only crap I will be cleaning up or getting rid of is my own, for my door will be closed upon those that insist on slinging their mess my way. I have enough trash already-that I’m having “the devil” trying to rid myself of. I cannot abide anyone else’s!

Demand that others fix what they messed up. Don’t allow that “foolishness” in your door, but be mindful that you don’t keep or put out what is good and useful. Sometimes what may initially look like refuse is actually useful and has the potential to be recycled. Keep in that which is of use and get rid of the rest.

People, use your doors wisely.